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Ricetto di Candelo: tante iniziative dentro e fuori le mura del borgo

The Ricetto di Candelo, a fortified village, community wine producer and world heritage located in the province of Biella, is fascinating for its historical significance, its architectural features and the countless events that take place throughout the year within its walls.  

As suggested by its names "receptum", meaning shelter or refuge, the structure was essentially a place of defence widespread in the Middle Ages in northern Italy. The Ricetto di Candelo, unlike many similar monuments dotting the Piedmont region which have now largely disappeared or been substantially transformed, boasts excellent wine storage conditions thanks to its peasant origin. Until recently it was in fact used for wine-making and the protection of crops, a function it still fulfils in part.  

Inside the walls, which follow the entire perimeter of the complex, there are houses, without foundation and consisting of single superimposed rooms which are not connecting. These are the cells of the Ricetto, now home to artists' studios that bring life to this place with art, creativity, painting, crafts and taste.  

In the streets of small cobbles, massive walls and overlooking towers you can attend a number of events during the year: the street markets with typical quality food and wine produced locally, temporary exhibitions, the Festival del Libro (Book Festival) for the young and street theatre, entertainment and parades in medieval costume. It is a cultural and tourist centre where guided tours and indoors and outdoors start and help visitors to discover a fragment of history and the picturesque surroundings.